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As we approach the harvest season, MedGence Technical Co., Ltd. is proud to introduce our latest product, the AG-5000 Grain Harvester. Designed and manufactured in China, our grain harvester is the perfect solution for farmers looking to efficiently and effectively harvest their crops. With its advanced technology and powerful capabilities, the AG-5000 is able to quickly and accurately harvest a wide variety of grains, saving farmers time and labor during the busy harvest season.

Our harvester is expertly crafted by our team of skilled engineers and agricultural experts, ensuring top-quality performance and reliability. Whether you are harvesting corn, wheat, or rice, the AG-5000 is equipped to handle the job with ease. We are confident that our grain harvester will exceed your expectations and provide a valuable addition to your farming operation. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your harvest process this season with the AG-5000 Grain Harvester from MedGence Technical Co., Ltd.

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Clinic Study, Animal Study, Toxicity Study - MedGence

Natural Formulation Research Service

Discover the excellence of {Natural Formulation Research Service} products. We are a trusted factory dedicated to creating natural formulas for your needs.

Study and evaluation of the potency of the botanical active ingredient(s) from different seasons and different origins.

Discover the efficacy of natural botanical ingredients sourced from various origins and seasons. As a factory, we ensure quality and potency in our products.

Clinic study (Phase1 - Phase 4)

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Contract manufacture (OEM) for active ingredient

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Manufacture process study for finished products

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Establishment of analysis methods of active ingredient(s)

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Animal study

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Screening of the active ingredient(s) of plants

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Contract manufacture (OEM) for finished products

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In Vitro Test /Research Service

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Toxicity Studies (LD50, Acute, Chronic, Geno)

Discover our top-quality products, backed by extensive Toxicity Studies (LD50, Acute, Chronic, Geno) data. As a factory, we prioritize safety and effectiveness.

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Welcome to our latest product introduction – the Harvest Season collection! As the summer comes to a close and the fall season begins, it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor and enjoy the bounty of nature. Our Harvest Season collection is designed to celebrate this time of abundance and gratitude. Our products are inspired by the rich colors and textures of the harvest season. From warm, earthy tones to cozy fabrics, this collection is perfect for embracing the changing season and adding a touch of autumnal charm to your home. Whether you’re looking for stylish decor pieces to update your living space or comfortable clothing to keep you cozy during the cooler months, our Harvest Season collection has something for everyone. From elegant tableware to festive candles and rustic home accents, our products will help you create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in your home. And if you’re in need of a wardrobe refresh, you’ll find a range of timeless, comfortable pieces that are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. So, as you prepare to enjoy the beauty of the harvest season, be sure to check out our latest collection. It’s the perfect way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and make the most of this special time of year.

I recently purchased a Harvest Season scented candle and it has truly exceeded my expectations. The warm, comforting aroma of cinnamon, apples, and cloves instantly transforms my home into a cozy autumn haven. The candle burns cleanly and evenly, spreading the delightful fragrance throughout the room. It's the perfect way to embrace the harvest season and bring a touch of fall into my living space. I highly recommend this candle to anyone looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere during this time of year. It's a lovely addition to any home decor and a wonderful way to embrace the beauty of the harvest season.

I recently purchased a new wine from the harvest season and it was absolutely fantastic. The grapes were clearly picked at the perfect time, resulting in a rich and robust flavor. The winery must have put a lot of effort into making sure the grapes were at their prime, and it really showed in the final product. I can't wait to get my hands on more bottles from this harvest season. If you're a fan of full-bodied, flavorful wines, definitely keep an eye out for wines from this particular harvest. You won't be disappointed!

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